Komplette Homepage auf Google Analytics durchsuchen

sitescanga.com durchsucht deine komplette Homepage nach dem Google Analytics Code.

Nach Fertigstellung der Durchsuchung werdet Ihr per Email benachrichtigt wie viel Prozent eure Homepage mit dem Google Analytics Code abgedeckt ist.

Mein Ergebnis:

Results Summary for www.typo3-probleme.de

100% = 222 out of 222 pages are tagged properly

Tracking Code Installation – OK

Google Analytics only tracks pages that contain the Google Analytics tracking code. This code needs to be added to each page of your site, either manually or through the use of includes or other methods. The CSV Download of your SiteScan will give you more information on each page of your site, and if there are any tracking errors.

Query String Parameters – OK

Does your site use dynamic session or user identifiers? You can tell Analytics to ignore these variables and not count them as unique pages. Google Analytics creates unique pages based on the path, filename and query string parameters displayed in the location bar of the browser. Enter any query parameters to exclude, separated with commas, in this field.

SSL Version of Tracking code found on Secure Pages – OK

If your site includes secure web pages using the HTTPS protocol, you’ll need to make sure that your tracking code is tailored for secure access. If your Website URL includes https, your tracking code will already be customized for secure pages. Otherwise, you’ll need to update this value for your profile.


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Hat Euch der Artikel geholfen oder gefallen?
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